I’ve been thinking about a few things for a little while and I figured I might as well put them down somewhere so I can stop just going over them in my head.

For a little while now I’ve been really considering if I want to go into sports broadcasting (working for a college or pro team, nothing to do with news) for a career or not. I feel like I want to do something that I know has a bigger impact. I want to know that my work is helping people or making a difference somehow. When I’ve thought about how to do this I’ve seen me working for a church or non-profit of some sort. There is an energy in that community that I love. I’ve been looking at an internship with To Write Love on Her Arms for a while now, and while I don’t think I have much of a shot at it, I’m going to apply. What do I have to lose?

Over the past month I’ve felt a tug to get closer to God and live a life more pleasing to him. It started when my good friend, Jeff Slobotski, tweeted a link to Psalm 37:5 “Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will act.” For some reason that really just struck something with me. I just need to do everything I do for Him. Shortly after that I saw something on tumblr that I found really cool.

Isn’t life about loving and helping people? That’s what I want to do. Someone asked me to go to church with them and I knew when she said it that I need to go, so I did, and now I’ve decided to make that my church in Lincoln and make an effort to go as much as possible. It’s just something that I know I need.

On a separate note: I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for some time now. I’ve been dead set on a design since mid-summer and would get it in a heartbeat. There’s one problem: my grandma HATES tattoos. She’s always said if you get a tattoo you lose your inheritance. That’s a problem because she’s helping me pay for my new car until I graduate. I finally decided that I needed to ask my grandma about it. This past weekend I was in Iowa celebrating my grandma’s 80th birthday when we got on the subject of tattoos. To my surprise (and delight), I found out my cousin also wants to get a tattoo. The discussion quickly turned to an argument with my cousin and myself pitted against my aunt, my grandma and my mom. They started with the biblical arguments about it which I’ve heard so I could dispute and they gave up on that. It turned to personal choice; they just don’t like tattoos, and, in a way I guess, they were saying if I got a tattoo they wouldn’t like me. Now I know that isn’t true, but it does seem like what they are saying would classify their love as conditional. It’s frustrating. The tattoo that I want is to remind me of 1)God’s great love for me and 2)how I should love others. It means a lot to me, but that doesn’t matter to them. They hear tattoo and can only think of the ugly ones they see or the ones they say people “regret.” Isn’t it my choice to find out if I regret it over time? I still want my tattoo, in fact my wanting of it grows everyday. But I know that right now I can’t afford to polarize my family like that.

One last thing (this is already much longer than I anticipated). I am now 24 days into No Shave November. Those of you that have seen me know just how, um, “unique” my beard looks. Those of you who have not seen me, be thankful. I knew I’d get a lot of comments on it when I saw my family but I really got tired of their typical response: “You’ll never get a girlfriend with that!” Now I know it’s essentially a harmless, joking phrase but after you hear it so many times it starts to wear on you. Couple that with the fact it seems like every time I talk to someone in my family they always have to ask if I have a girlfriend. It’s almost like my family needs me to have one. I don’t know why, but they do. Now I’m not against having a girlfriend at all, actually the opposite, but I’m not going to just go out and find a girl because I want one. I’m going to live my life and let it happen.

That was probably just a lot of me ranting, but hopefully there was something good in there. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Make sure you take time to be thankful for what you have, we don’t do it enough.

My tattoo design: