Pretty busy month for me and I had a killer playlist ready to go. Then, my 3-week-old Droid X decided to freeze and I lost the tracks that I had written down in my notes program. Turns out there was a “back-up” button that I never knew about. Here’s my best attempt at remembering what was on there. Hope you enjoy and, as always, please leave your feedback and let me know what’s on your playlist!

  • “1000 Time a Day” – The Early November: I had always heard of the Early November but I had never really listened to them until my friend included this song on a mix CD (yeah, mix CDs are still super cool, don’t hate). I seriously listened to this song 5 times in a row while I was driving. I don’t know what hit me originally but it’s just a beautiful song. I can totally picture everything that Ace Enders is singing about in the song, and it makes me hope to find that girl some day.
  • “Roll Away Your Stone” – Mumford and Sons: Mumford and Sons are my obsession of the summer. Their sound is unlike anything I’ve ever listened to and their lyrics are incredible. I really like what this song says about redemption, which is always a message I need a reminder of.
  • “If It Kills Me” – Jason Mraz: I have loved Jason Mraz for a long, long time and this might be one of my favorite Mraz songs of all time. It’s a laid-back love song that reminds me of this dance every single time. It also happens to be what I plan on doing for my wedding dance. I’m going to start stretching for that now…
  • “In Your Atmosphere” – John Mayer: I spent a week and a half in LA working for ESPN at the X Games and part of that time was spent on the stage at the Nokia Theatre. That happens to be where Mayer recorded his live album “Where the Light Is” which features this song. I know it’s cheesy and cliché to choose this song since it talks about LA but I couldn’t get it out of my head the whole time.
  • “Us (Me and Mrs. Officer)” – (500) Days of Weezy: This album combines two of my favorite things in the world right now: (500) Days of Summer & Mash-ups. The movie is absolutely brilliant and mash-ups are the most entertaining things I know of. There is not a week track in this whole mash-up album, making it my favorite of the summer so far.

So that’s it. I feel like this next month is going to be a great month of music and I promise to make next month’s MotM a quality one.