So I wasn’t thinking ahead of time for this month’s music. In the past I had made a playlist and added songs over the month that I kept going back to. So when I sat down to think about what music I had been listening to I had a hard time. I decided I probably have been watching the same videos on YouTube over and over so this is going to be a special YouTube edition of Music of the Month:

  • “Magical Mysteries” – SNL: I think SNL can really do no wrong with their digital shorts. I haven’t seen one that I didn’t like yet. This one is truly amazing and it is even more amazing that they really didn’t have to change much from the original song. Watch the original (Dreams by ICP) and see which one you think is actually a spoof. It’s tough.
  • “50 Cent” – Manchester Orchestra: I don’t know why I like this song so much. Something about the relationship between the subject matter and Andy (the lead singer) is just so strange that it works really well.
  • “Electronic Wuss” – Key of Awesome: The Key of Awesome is brilliant. This song is definitely my favorite mainly because of the awesome lyrics. The music and his style of singing totally nail Owl City. The production quality of the video is great as well.
  • “She Runs” – Time Halperin: I’ve known Tim for about 6 years and his musical abilities are out of this world. He really has the chance to make it in the business and I can’t wait to see the journey. This song is just one that will stick with you for days. Download his EP for free here.
  • “Heartbreak Warfare” – John Mayer: This isn’t as new as the other videos, and its not really a video (rather a slideshow) but the music is absolutely beautiful. I love this version of the song and it makes me want JM to record an acoustic version of everyone of his songs and release it.

I promise next month’s Music of the Month will be a lot better than this one, but regardless I hope you enjoy these videos and thanks for stopping by! Leave a comment if you’d like!