Please excuse this outburst of blog posts. I’ve been writing them in my head for days and I decided I’d take advantage of this day off from my job to actually type them out.

This idea popped into my head on Saturday and I really want to make it happen. The idea was motivated by all of the free shirts I received this weekend from Storenvy at BigOmaha. Not only do the shirts publicize Storenvy, but they are brilliantly designed which makes me want to wear them so much more. This lead me to ask myself, “could I get companies to give me their shirts to wear as free advertising for them?” I think I can, I just don’t really know how to get companies to give me their shirts. I figured I could blog about the shirts that I get and the story behind that company. Since I’m a video person I could create a video interview or profile of the company. And at the suggestion of Christine, whenever someone asks me about my shirt, I’d take a picture of them and explain to them what the company is and what my goal is. I’m also throwing out the idea of a public, online database where I could inventory my shirts and when I wear them and anyone who cared could see the details.

I’d love to make this happen and I’d love for everyone’s help. If you have an idea for how I can make this happen, let me know! If you work for a company that wants to give me a shirt, perfect! If you think I’m stupid and should give up, let me know that too. Just be nice, I’m fragile.