On Sunday, Craig and I loaded up in my dad’s Honda and sped off (more on that later) to KC to witness the one and only Conan O’Brien live in concert. The quest to see Conan live started in the fall of 07. My parents told me they were taking me to NYC as part of my graduation present so I immediately said we’d have to see Conan. Long story short: Conan was taping the week we were there. So when I read that Conan was going to KC on my blackberry during class I freaked and ran to the closest computer after class. I bought two tickets just assuming someone would want to come along.

After killing time at the Plaza, we hit up Jack Stack for some great KC style BBQ. And it was definitely delicious and highly recommended.

Conan was everything I hoped he’d be. It was a perfect blend of comedy and music which really helped the show feel like an experience. Conan said that he hoped it would feel like “an evening with Conan O’Brien” and I’d say he definitely accomplished that. From cracking jokes at the clauses in his contract with NBC to well-crafted videos to a guest appearance by Jason Sudeikis to pull the “Chuck Norris Rural Cop Handle” the night was fantastic. It was just one of those nights I can’t really explain but I know I’ll always remember, which obviously translates well to a blog post (sarcasm).

The night was topped off my first Waffle House experience. At one point I thought I was going to die, and I think that is what the Waffle House experience is all about anyway. Some sheriff decided to rain on our parade and give me a nice $133 speeding ticket which will definitely leave a dent in my account. Oh well, I’d say it was definitely worth the experience.

We all know how concert photos turn out