So here it is, the second edition of Music of the Month. This could also be the music that  got me through dead week and finals. Enjoy.

-“Two Weeks” – Grizzly Bear: This is a song that I had heard the instrumental parts of for a while. Between an NPR podcast and the VW commercials I figured I’d better get the album. It’s great and this song is just as sweet as the commercials make it seem.

-“Currents” – Sleeping at Last: In the past month I was given the opportunity to interview Sleeping at Last for a broadcasting project. It was a big honor. The guys were really cool and gave me some great stuff (you can hear it here). This song is one of my favorites by them.

-“Animal Arithmetic” – Jónsi: I was very excited when I ordered the deluxe edition of Jónsi’s album, and it has not disappointed. While I’m still waiting for the physical copy to be delivered from London, the music itself is brillant.

-“Falling from the Sun” – The Album Leaf: I saw the Album Leaf play a few weeks back at the Waiting Room and they were spectacular. This song was one of my favorite from the night. They really have a great sound, go listen to it.

-“Kings and Queens” – 30 Seconds to Mars: 30 Seconds is a band that I’ve heard of for a long time but I had never really listened till this song. It’s great and really provides some great music for editing.

-“Opposite of Adults” – Chiddy Bang: I can’t believe I left this off of last month’s MotM. This group is freaking incredible. Watch this video now. You will love your life SO much more.

-“Lesser Things” – Barcelona: I rediscovered Barcelona a few weeks ago when my iTunes was on shuffle. They are an awesome band that has a great sound. Great for a chill night.