So I had the idea the other day to post a few of my favorite songs that I’ve been listening to each month. So I guess it’s kind of like a musical recap of the previous month. I’ll try to keep it concise and interesting, maybe. Hope you enjoy! (The following are in order of my iTunes playlist)

-“The Funeral” by Band of Horses: I’ve you haven’t watched this video, go do that right now and then read the rest of this. This song is just one of those that I can just listen to with my eyes close and get goosebumps every time.

-“There Cannot Be A Close Second” by Copeland: Copeland has been my favorite band since my freshman year of high school. It’s the music that I’ve always had with me no matter what was going on. So it was a bitter-sweet thing to see them on their farewell tour in March. But, it did inspire me to listen to them a lot more, which led me to really grasp onto this song.

-“I Can Feel A Hot One” by Manchester Orchestra: This is another band that I saw in March and have been listening to a good amount since. This song is so much different from the others on their newest album but it is incredible.

-“Boombox” by The Lonely Island feat. Julian Casablancas: Ok, so this song isn’t that serious of a song, but I freaking love it. I also appreciated it when listening to the CD but the SNL skit this month just took it to another level. I could listen to this 24/7 and not grow tired of it. I also now want to do epic things with a boombox.

-“Night/Day” by Mae: Mae is another band that I’ve listened to for a long time but this might be one of my favorite Mae songs. The bridge just inspires me–I’m gonna wake up, wake up, every morning and then decided / I’m gonna wake up, wake up, every morning and make it mine

-“The War” by Melee: This is one of those songs where you only have one or two from the artist and you are perfectly fine with that because the songs are awesome. This song is incredible. Another good uplifting, inspiring songs, and I know I can always use those. Especially at the end of the semester.

-“Time to Pretend” by MGMT: So I might have been late getting on the MGMT bandwagon, but I’m ok with that. I had always heard Electric Feel but never the rest of the album. This might be my favorite track from it, and this cover by Jonsí only makes me love it more.

-“Her Words Destroyed My Planet” by Motion City Soundtrack: This song takes me back to the summer after freshman year of high school when I saw MCS live. They were awesome, and this is just a great MCS song. Just one of those that you have a blast listening to, but the lyrics are also really good.

So that’s the first edition of my Music of the Month. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by.