On March 4th, I was lucky enough to see John Mayer at the Qwest Center for the second time in my life. It was another amazing concert, and I had truly amazing seats: 6th row, dead center.

I knew going into the concert not to expect too many older songs out of John this tour, but I thought his selection was great. It was good to hear some of the new Battle Studies tracks in his live format. He can really make a song come alive. Out of the new songs, Assassin was definitely my favorite, and it might have been my favorite of the night. He had an amazing guitar feature section in the middle which even included him using a drum stick. It was incredible. His final song of the evening was Friends, Lovers, or Nothing, which I hoped he’d play. It was another great song featuring a great solo. It’s crazy how captivated you can be by his playing. I just stared at him playing in amazement. His cover of Don’t Stop Believing was really entertaining.

One of the coolest moments of the show was when John asked if we were “ready to go higher” and turned it over to drummer Steve Jordan who hammered out an awesome solo which the band eventually joined in on. It’s awesome to watch so many talented musicians all play together and genuinely look like they are enjoying it.

The opener, Michael Franti & Spearhead, was pretty good. Definitely a very different style from JM but they held their own. I’m also a sucker for merch, so I picked up a tour tshirt and limited edition moleskin notebook. Why not?

Here’s a look at the setlist and some of my photos:

Heartbreak Warfare
Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
Perfectly Lonely
The Heart of Life
All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye
Waiting on the World to Change
Bigger Than My Body
Why Georgia

Encore: Who Says
Friends, Lovers or Nothing