So, it’s almost October. That means I’ve been a sophomore in college for almost two months. That’s freaking weird. I guess I thought I’d just get out what I’ve been up to so far this semester. I’ll also steal something from Sleeping at Last and tell you what I’m currently excited about. Not that anyone cares really.

-I really struck out when it came to a roommate again. He’s a big World of Warcraft (or, WoW for you noobz). There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just when you seriously play 5+ hours of WoW a day, you might have a problem, and I mean like a diagnosable illness. He also doesn’t know how to not let the door slam. Oh, I’m also convinced that he is constantly telling himself that everything is a race. He sprints everywhere. He also loves Old Spice “Swagger” body spray. I do not. That’s enough about him for now.

-I’ve got a lot on my plate this semester at work so far. I really enjoy that. I love being active at work because I love what I do. However, I just don’t know if I’m really cutting it right now. I feel like my creativity isn’t there. I don’t know if it’s just because I haven’t really had the lead on my projects or what, but I hope that I snap out of it soon.

-There’s been a lot of good music circling through my ears lately, and there is a lot more coming soon. Here’s a list of the good stuff:

  • “Daisy”–Brand New
  • “The Blueprint 3”–Jay-Z
  • (500) Days of Summer soundtrack
  • “The Sparrow and the Crow” and “Goodnight”–William Fitzsimmons
  • “Storyboards”–Sleeping at Last
  • “Hello Hurricane”–Switchfoot (releases Nov. 10th)
  • “Forget and Not Slow Down”–Relient K (releases Oct. 6th)
  • “Beautiful Mess:Live on Earth”–Jason Mraz (CD/DVD releases Nov. 10th)
  • “Battle Studies”–John Mayer (releases Nov. 17th)

-I’m also pretty excited for some movies coming out soon. Such as “Couples Retreat”, “Zombieland”, “Where the Wild Things Are”.

-Lastly, I’m pretty excited that today is my 13 month anniversary with my wonderful girlfriend Kaylane. I know that’s mushy, but sometimes mushy is just fine.

Take it easy, and I hope life is going well for all of you.