This summer is setting up to be one of the bests I’ve ever had. The main reason for that? Concerts. Omaha is loaded with concerts this summer. Check that. Omaha is loaded with concerts of bands that I love this summer. Ever since the summer after my freshman year (summer ’05) I’ve seen a few good shows in the summer. 05- Motion City Soundtrack 06- none 07- Rockapella (yeah, i like a cappella) 08- Sigur Rós, Sleeping at Last. But 2009 is about to top all of those (except Sigur Rós).


May 5th- Jason Mraz/Plain White T’s

Jason Mraz (courtesy of Jeff Thrasher Hicks)

Jason Mraz (courtesy of Jeff Thrasher Hicks)

May 18th- Mae/Anniversaire

May 21st- Tim Wildsmith/Andy Davis/Skypiper

June 13th- Coldplay/Snow Patrol

June 26th- Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band

July 3rd- Relient K

July 17th- Mat Kearney (Slowdown) and Copeland/Sherwood/Anchor & Braille (in Des Moines)

I’m so pumped for this. I always wanted to be able to play in a band but I could never get focus enough to learn guitar (even though I bought one) so shows provide an outlet for me to just enjoy live music. I can’t wait to get to these shows.